Event: The RFID Industry meets Academia

Use cases, open challenges and future trends of RFID tech for Industry 4.0

Event Organizer:

Sara Amendola, Radio6ense, Rome, Italy


More than 30 years of academic research on Radio Frequency Technology has laid the fundamentals to what we are experiencing today, with the massive adoption of RFID architectures integrated in many fields of our daily lives.

RFID tech is indeed a key enabler for a new level of wireless connectivity, which brings digital ID, and sensing capabilities down to unprecedented points, thanks to smart labels that can seamlessly fit where no other device could.

This is revolutionizing the way of collecting information to support innovative data-driven industrial processes and business models.

This event aims at bringing together international leading industrial stakeholders, including tag, IC and reader manufacturers, system integrators, solution developers, early adopters and end-users.

Panelists will have the opportunity to present how their organizations and companies have embraced RFID for innovative – unconventional – solutions for industry 4.0, ranging from manufacturing to automotive, food and healthcare.

Topics covered within the panel discussion will encompass the physical layer – namely new HW components for RF systems – up the application level, involving data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Dash-boarding and Security.

The ultimate goal is sharing best practises and, above all, stimulating through the presented use cases, a fruitful discussion on open challenges and unmatched needs in industrial settings that might inspire the research audience and steer future scientific trends towards real-world unsolved issues.

Bios & Abstracts of the Speakers