Special Sessions on RFID


Women in RFID – Scenarios, applications, and practical solutions

Session Organizers:

Johanna Virkki, Tampere University, Finland
Mirka Leino, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Sari Merilampi, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland

RFID for Healthcare and Wearable Applications

Session Organizers:
Gaetano Marrocco, University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy

Giulio Maria Bianco, University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy



Next-Generation RFID: Applications, Challenges, and Solutions

Session Organizers:
Gregory Daniel Durgin, Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia

James Daniel Rosenthal, EPFL, Geneve, Switzerland


The next Backscattering communications for IoT: from ambient sources to 5G-6G infrastructures

Session Organizers:
Cecilia Occhiuzzi, University of Roma Tor Vergata

Dinh-Thuy PHAN-HUY, Orange Labs Networks

Research and experience on RFID projects

Session Organizers:
Luca Catarinucci, University of Salento

Arnaud Vena, University of Montpellier, Montpellier, France

Wireless Power Transfer Enabling the IoT Energy Harvesting

Session Organizers:
Francesca Benassi, DEI – University of Bologna, Italy

Giacomo Paolini, DEI – University of Bologna, Italy

RF Labels for Wireless Identification and Sensing

Session Organizers:

Simone Genovesi, University of Pisa
Filippo Costa, University of Pisa


Advanced Antennas and Propagation for RFID

Session Organizers:

Michael Crisp, Cambridge University
Antonio Clemente, CEA-Leti, Technology Research Institute Grenoble, France
Andrea Michel, University of Pisa


Artificial Intelligence for RFID and IoT

Session Organizers:

Dr. Riccardo Colella, University of Salento
Dr. Massimo Merenda, Austrian Institute of Technology



Advanced UHF RFID Tags and Reader Antennas for Sensing and Communication in Metallic Environments of IoT

Session Organizers:

Prof. Kam Weng Tam, Macau University
Prof. Eng Hock Lim, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)
Prof. Sai-Wai Wong, Shenzhen University (China)
Prof. Guan-Long Huang, Foshan University (China)